M.o.M. Michelle Needs a Kidney Donor

Search for a Kidney Donor

We're asking for your help to find an eligible kidney donor for Michelle. It may take hundreds of applications to find a potential living donor. Several MarineParents.com staff members, their spouses, and a member of our board of directors have filled out the application to be considered; so far, only one is still in Michelle's "potentially eligible" pool of kidney donors. We need to get the word out.

Medical City Dallas

Michelle's care facility has been updated to Medical City Healthcare in Dallas on 3/9/2022. They are coordinating the search for a living donor. The website has videos about being a living donor and the process involved. To learn more, visit their website directly at https://medicalcityhospital.com/livingdonor. The previous Care Facility in Ft. Worth will be notifying the potential donors about this change.

Share This Information with Others

Heroes donate kidneys, and we know Michelle's hero is out there. Help us find that person by passing along this information. Copy and paste this URL to share with your friends and family, and with our extended Semper Family. The Marine Corps family is strong and I know we can do this. Copy this link or use our Facebook like/share button on this page.

Are You a Potential Donor Match?

Maybe you're the right match for Michelle, and maybe donating a kidney is part of your life story. If you've ever considered giving another person a chance at life, it's possible this is the right time for you. Use the Medical City Healthcare link above to create an account to see if you are a match. Enter recipient name "Michelle Houser".

Michelle's Story

Michelle is the single mother of a Marine and a 14-year old daughter. She is on kidney dialysis five days a week, five hours a day. Michelle currently has no income, feels sick most days, and cannot work. She's in the middle of paperwork to apply for assistance, but that takes time. She needs financial help now. Her tax return helped her catch up with utilities. Her Marine son has been making her car payment to get to dialysis while she waits for a kidney donor. Her son's unit is in the middle of preparations to deploy.

Michelle is humble and giving; she's a volunteer for MarineParents.com and has been an active participant (along with her daughter, Abigayle) on Team Marine Parents. She is a community relations volunteer and continues to talk with recruiters to share the website and services with recruit families. She is a Marine Mom. It's time to implement Semper Family. Click here to donate.

How You Can Help Financially

We've already sent her rent check for March and April 2022. We're coordinating with her 14-year-old daughter for a weekly grocery list and home delivery. We need your donations to cover her rent, utilities, car payment, insurance, and groceries for the next four months. Please make your donation today. 100% of your donation goes directly to pay her monthly bills and groceries. MarineParents.com covers all fees related to our fundraisers. Click here to donate.

Help Find a Kidney Donor for Michelle

  1. Please encourage others to help in the search! Copy and paste the following URL to send to your friends and family:
  2. If you are on Facebook, please use our Facebook Share button or paste the URL above.
  3. Help by changing your profile image on social media. Right-click the image below to use for your social network profile image during the MarineParents.com MICHELLE kidney donor search.

Copy and paste this hashtag and the link in your new profile image:

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