M.o.M. Michelle Needs Your Help

Goal: $11,400 Round 2

As of 10:40 AM CST 7/12/2022, we met our goal.

Thank you to all donors for helping us reaching our goal so fast!

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As of June 28, 2022, Marine M.o.M. Michelle is now on the kidney transplant list. It's time for us to raise funds for the next four months of living expenses.

While her donor team is working with potential matches generated from our March request, she needs our support.

In March, we raised $11,400 to support Michelle through June while she is on dialysis five days a week, waiting on a donor match. At that time, we said we would update you on where she is in the kidney donor process and fundraise to help her for the next four months. Now is that time. Please donate. And please keep this Mom of a Marine in your prayers.

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Michelle's Story

Michelle is the single mother of a Marine and a 14-year old daughter. She is on kidney dialysis five days a week, five hours a day. Michelle currently has no income, feels sick most days, and cannot work. She needs financial help now. Her Marine son's unit has now deployed.

Michelle is humble and giving; she's a volunteer for MarineParents.com and has been an active participant (along with her daughter, Abigayle) on Team Marine Parents. She is a community relations volunteer and continues to talk with recruiters to share the website and services with recruit families. She is a Marine Mom. It's time to implement Semper Family. Please make your donation today and help spread the word to find a kidney donor.

How You Can Help

We need your donations to cover her rent, utilities, car payment, insurance, and groceries for the next four months. Please make your donation today. 100% of your donation goes directly to pay her monthly bills and groceries. MarineParents.com covers all fees related to our fundraisers.

Search for a Kidney Donor

We're asking for your help to find an eligible kidney donor for Michelle. It may take hundreds of applications to find a potential living donor. Several MarineParents.com staff members, their spouses, and a member of our board of directors have filled out the application to be considered; so far, only one is still in Michelle's "potentially eligible" pool of kidney donors. We need to get the word out. Click here to learn more.

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