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Apparel Sizes: Information and Tips

Measure for the correct size
Measuring is the most important step for ordering the correct size. We strongly encourage you to measure first, then order based on the size charts provided in the details of each of our products.

Size charts and how to measure 
For each of our apparel items from our production department, we include the vendor's size chart image with the clothing images in the product detail and description. The size chart is an image in the series of thumbnalils. Click the thumbnail image to enlarge the size chart. Please take a minute to review the size chart for each product you are purchasing.
We highly recommend when purchasing clothing from any online vendor, that you take the following steps:
  • find your favorite fitting shirt, 
  • lay it flat and smooth on a hard surface, 
  • measure it, 
  • compare your measurements to the size chart, 
  • order accordingly. 
When measuring, keep in mind that the vendor size charts report measurements with garments lying flat and smooth on a hard surface. Most vendors suggest allowing for up to a half inch variance in measuring.
Variances in vendor sizes, clothing tags, and size charts
We have many different vendors from whom we purchase. Variances with vendors in the clothing industry for what constitutes correct labeling of small, medium, large, etc. varies greatly. Sizing and the opinion of whether something runs large or small, depends completely on the brand and style of shirt you're looking to purchase. Typically, our shirts run as you would expect. The vendor size charts we provide are accurate, so measuring is the best way to assure a good fit. 
Reported size issues based on labels without measuring
We have people report that our ladies slim-fit style shirt runs smaller than they anticipate based on the label size alone. The shirts are intended to fit snugly. If you are unable to measure and are purchasing a ladies slim-fit style shirt, we recommend going up a clothing tag size compared to what you "normally" purchase. The long sleeve unisex shirt labels have been reported to run large by women who purchase them; men however report the size on the label is as they expect. Our toddler t-shirts run small based on the label but are accurate to the size charts provided. 
Fabric content and our manufacturers
Keep in mind, as with any clothing, high-content cotton shirts are subject to additional shrinkage over time. We also offer blends of cotton/polyester as well as 100% polyester apparel.  Our "Made in the USA" shirts by Bayside are 100% cotton. 
We proudly carry the following brands of apparel in our production facility: 
  • 100% Cotton: Bayside (Made in the USA), Gildan
  • Polyester: Vapor, Back Country
  • Blends: Feather Lite, and others
Exchanges and refunds on apparel
Our clothing with an item number beginning with CT- or CP- are "Ready to Wear" and may be returned for exchange or refund within the parameters of our exchange policy. All returns are subject to restocking or reshipping fees. Some of the items in our production department are eligible for return. Our production clothing includes item numbers beginning with Uc-. Typically if the production apparel item you are purchasing is specific to a battalion, event, date, or has a family affiliation that you have typed into an option field, the item cannot be returned for exchange or refund. Of course anything that you have requested custom text on the back is ineligible for return. Please be sure to read the description of the design.
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