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We Need Your Help to Continue to Operate

The organization needs your help. After 20 years of service and helping others, we are the ones in need.

As of 10:30 AM CST 3/25/2023, we have raised $48,135 of our $130,000 goal.

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MarineParents.com, Inc.
3208 LeMone Industrial Blvd, Ste. B
Columbia, MO 65201

We’re holding a fundraiser to keep our doors open and continue to serve the Marine Corps community. We have helped thousands of Marines and hundreds of thousands of family members. Today, we need your help.

Since the pandemic, we’ve struggled to make ends meet. The shutdown of graduations and our outreach programs in military hospitals during the restrictions created a down spin of donations and store sales we could not overcome. We are grateful for two PPP loans granted and forgiven, which saved the organization.

Store sales, which fund operating costs for our programs, decline week by week. We’ve cut expenses, salaries, benefits, and staff for three years. Our remaining staff of 6 plus 80 volunteers continue to carry the full load of our mission, including casework. In 2022 we sublet our warehouse for an additional $2000 monthly savings. In 2023 we removed our phone system and have a single cell phone shared in the office. We are trying to sublet additional office space to help with costs of utilities. There are no other cuts we can make and still be operational.

Please, take action today. Help us continue serving Marines and their families. We truly hope we can continue to serve for another 20+ years.

God Bless and Semper Fi,
Tracy Della Vecchia, Founder and Mother of a Marine

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MarineParents.com needs your help. After 20 years of service and helping others, they are the ones in need.

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