Support Marine Veteran, Ryan, and His Wife, Kelsey

Here at Marine Parents, one of our missions is to assist Marine families when tragedy strikes. In January, we asked for your help to raise $6,500 for a Marine whose wife, Kelsey, was in a car accident and was in the ICU over an hour away from their home with no prognosis. The MarineParents family came together and raised over $7,000.

UPDATE: Kelsey was in the ICU for over 5 weeks in very bad shape, but was able to make a remarkable recovery. Kelsey and Ryan are getting settled back at home now, and Ryan is planning to return to work soon. We want to continue to support them until they get back on their feet. We need to raise an additional $3,600. Donate today.

100% of your donation goes straight to Ryan and Kelsey's expenses. No administrative fees are withheld., Inc. is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) public charity and your donation is tax deductible as allowed by IRS tax law. Make your donation using our secure online interface and your credit card or debit card. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

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Support Ryan and Kelsey

Support Veteran's wife after car accident

Ryan had been staying at a hotel near the hospital while Kelsey was in the ICU. Ryan and Kelsey also have a two year old son. This family had no income while Kelsey was in the hospital.

Ryan, a Marine veteran currently on Individual Ready Reserve (IRR), served as a Correctional Specialist from November 2013 to November 2017 most recently out of Charleston, South Carolina.

Ryan's current employer has informed him that his job will be there for him when he wants to go back, but he's only been there for three months and has no sick time or vacation time to use. So for the time being the family will have no income.

We would like to help ease the financial burden during this difficult time, so that Ryan can focus his energy on his wife and toddler. We are going to pay his monthly bills directly to the providers as well as help with daily expenses including hotel, gas, and food expenses. We're increasing our fundraising goal by $3,600 to help provide financial support through the end of March.

We know that with your generosity and commitment to the well-being of the service members that sacrifice so much on our behalf, we can reach our goal.

As of 11:00AM CST 03/19/19, we have raised $2,875.00 towards our $3,600.00 goal.

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